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Sagebrush Tags - Animal Identification and RFID Equipment

Sagebrush Tags is a family-owned small business. We place a high priority on fast, friendly customer service and fair pricing.


We welcome all inquiries about identification products and will do our best to provide answers in a timely fashion.


We offer a wide variety of livestock identification ear tags. In addition to tagging livestock, ear tags can be used to identify other items such as tree rows, wheel chairs, spools of cable, lead aprons and much more. We frequently sell just the "female" (Panel tag with hole at top) portion of the 2pc tags which can then be attached using a cable tie or other type of attachment. Some folks order them with key rings or key chains.


If you have a project that you would like tags for we will work with you to provide the best tag and/or print solution.


Our Categories

Visual Identification Tags

The Original One-Piece Z-Tag No-Snag-Tag (Z1) by Z Tags North America provides superior readability, exclusive self-piercing tip and comes in a variety of sizes and colors for cattle ear tagging as well as other types of livestock and animal identification.They feature...

RFID Readers


EID/RFID Tags & Microchips

The Allflex Standard Perfomance FDX (Full Duplex) EID Button Tag is ISO compliant and has a unique design that provides the ultimate in usability, security and retention. The single use ear tag features...

Insecticide Tags


Custom printing

When custom-printed tags are ordered we will have them professionally printed by the manufacturer and then shipped directly to you, the customer. Your custom print order will usually arrive within 2 to 4 weeks of the order date although it can sometimes take longer January through May and September through November as these are the busiest times of year for the tag companies. If you need them sooner please let us know and we can check with the manufacturer to see how they are running and if they can meet your deadline. We will try to keep you updated on current processing times periodically on our Facebook page -

About Us

Sagebrush Tags is committed to providing quality products and quality service to our customers. We will strive to provide the livestock industry with a variety of choices of visual ID tags, insecticide eartags and eartag applicators as well as ISO compliant rfid ear tags for source verification, traceability, management purposes and identification of livestock at a fair and reasonable price. We will provide links to database services and software applications sources.

Animal Identification Ear Tags & RFID Equipment

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