How to Get Started with RFID


There are several good reasons to use RFID technology on your herd. The bottom line is that if you are serious about improving your herd, raising your profit potential, and complying with federal and state regulations, there is no better investment than an RFID system.

The cattle industry has changed, and not only with regard to accountability. If you are going to offer cattle for consumption in this marketplace, you and they MUST be identified. A bonus to this scenario is that you can retrieve performance information back from industry partners so that you can improve your herd and offer a better product to those partners. The market will show loyalty to producers of quality animals so the cost is small and the return potential is great.

An important consideration in attaching responsibility in the event of a disease outbreak is the ability to verify that you are not responsible for a particular occurrence or that the animals in question did NOT come from your premises.

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