The Advantages of RFID Cattle Tags


An RFID system for your cattle is a great way to track your herd, helping you make improvements, expand your profit margins, and comply with government regulations. But without more information, you still might not be sold on RFID tags over the traditional tags that you’ve been using.


Traditional visual tags can get lost or damaged in ways that makes them unusable. The tag can get caught on a fence, get snagged and scratched up by brush, or have other things happen to it. When the tag is lost or unreadable, the identifying information on the tag is lost as well. An RFID tag stores its information electronically, and is small and unlikely to get lost, and so the ID information won’t be lost either.


Manually inspecting each animal and noting its ID information takes a long time, especially if it’s done by hand. Since RFID systems need only 3 to 12 inches between the reader and the tag, it’s much faster to get information on all the cattle that need to be IDed. You can even set up passive checkpoints where the ID of each animal that passes through, such as onto a truck or into a barn, will be scanned.


An RFID reader sends out an electromagnetic field that energizes the RFID coil, which then transmits its data back to the reader. Since the data is handled entirely electronically, human error is all but eliminated.

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