Sagebrush Tags  is an authorized tag manager/reseller for the '840' series tags from Allflex, Y-TEX, Temple Tag and Destron Fearing which are approved for use with the USDA/ADT Animal Disease Traceability program. These tags bear the Official Eartag Shield and manufacturer's name along with the 15-digit identification number beginnig with 840. They can also be used with other certification programs. These devices are not to be removed from the animal once they have been applied.

In order to purchase the 840 tags you MUST have a Premise ID number (PIN) or Location ID Number (LID) registered through your state Dept. of Agriculture or tribe. Orders for the 840 tags will be shipped to the address of the premise registration unless special arrangements are made. There will be a 'Special Instructions" box on the order form for you to enter your premise ID number.

ADT/Official ID Rule

Effective March 11, 2013 USDA is changing the individual identification requirements for cattle and bison moving interstate. Official identification includes: orange brucellosis vaccination tags, USDA silver tags and 840 RFID and 840 Visual Tags. Registered breed association tattoos or tags, and brands registered with the state brand board may be used if accepted by both the state of origin and the state of destination.

For cattle, the following animals must be identified with Official ID ear tags:

  • All sexually intact cattle and bison at 18 months of age
  • All female dairy cattle of any age
  • All dairy males (intact or castrated) born after March 11, 2013
  • Cattle and bison of any age used for exhibitioin, rodeo, shows and recreational events
    ***Feeder cattle of beef breeds less than 18 months of age are not included in this requirement.

There are now a variety of devices which have been approved for the ADT including RFID button tags; matched sets which include an RFID button tag and a visual tag set with matching 15-digit nubmers; All in one tags which combine the RFID device with a panel tag; or USDA 840 visual tags which are panel tags with a 15-digit number printed on them.
These tags will also meet COOL requirements.

If you wish to use these devices to help with marketing your animals then you may want to enroll with a third party verifier or PVP program such as Certified Angus Beef, AgInfoLink or South Dakota Certified Beef.

Approved devices for horses (equine), alpaca/llama are a microchip transponder such as the Destron LIFECHIP which is inserted under the skin of the animal - usually in the neck on horses or at the base of the poll on llama/alpaca.