Y - TEX 2 pc Tags Custom Print Examples

On this page we will try to give you a variety of ideas for custom printed tags. Keep checking back as we will add more photos from time to time.
Thank you.


Y-TEX tags with Digital Print

Y-TEX Numbered tags with New & Improved Laser Print

Y-TEX tags with name - New & Improved Laser Print

Y-TEX Print Comparison

Y-TEX Print Ideas

Y-TEX Hot-Pink tag with White Hot-stamp Print

Y-TEX Laser Print

See the next two rows of tags showing options for print on Y-TEX matched pair tags.

Pink Y-TEX tag with "Q" and Farm Name on speckled bovine.

Custom print Y-TEX 4 Star Tag on black cow.

2 Star (Small) Y-TEX Tag with number and name in Hot-stamp print.

Y-TEX female tag only for marking cables

Black Y-TEX Key Ring tag with Laser print

Use Y-TEX tags to keep track of hoses, cables, etc

Mark size, type etc on Y-TEX tags

Y-Tex 4 Star mock ups for Hay Springs Yaks

Y-TEX 4 Star Blue w/laser print

Custom Print Y-TEX 4 Star (Large)

Y-TEX 4 Star White w/laser print

Hay Springs Yak tags

ID for Yaks and many types of Livestock

3 Star Yellow tag with FFA Logo

Back side of FFA Logo tags

Black Y-TEX tags with Laser print

Our tags can be used to label computer bags and many other things as well